In 2011, Chris Dunn broke the corporate mindset. Now he wants to help you do the same.

This course is not intended only for those who are working in corporations. The value of the material that Chris has produced applies to all aspects of life.

Everyone, everywhere has a sense of an authority over them. Well, that is unless you've already broken the corporate mindset and then you know what we are talking about in this course.

Watch the introduction video and also Chris's presentation on his "Ah-Ha" moment. Then enroll in Breaking the Corporate Mindset and set yourself free.

From the course in Chris's words: "I will walk you through what I have learned from my experience in breaking through Corporate Thinking. I do not feel it is necessary to go through each of these steps in the order I have laid them out. In fact, my progression jumped around and came in packages at various times and the only reason I have them in this order is because in looking back it seemed the logical grouping for the presentation. Everyone's experience is unique."

What Chris is telling you is that you may use the nine videos, accompanying text and questions in any order that suits you. Each aspect of the presentation is defined by a colored slide telling you what to expect in that section.

Chris and I are delighted to have produced this course together. From getting to know yourself to knowing where you don't and do want to be, Breaking the Corporate Mindset takes you on a journey deep into the passion of your soul. It is a journey of the spirit in a physical world freeing you to become aware of what ignites you, fulfills you and allows you to know how connected you are to the spirit of All That Is. We know you will enjoy your liberation as much as we take pleasure in opening the door. Includes three Skype conversations with Toni regarding the material.

For questions regarding this course, email Chris. For questions regarding the technical aspects of the course page or to inquire into Meta yoU School of Mastery (from which Chris graduated), email Reverend Doctor Toni Petrinovich

Introduction and Ah-Ha Moment





Breaking the Corporate Mindset Course

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Enrollment Fee $225
(includes 3 Skype sessions to review the material)





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