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Storming the heart! What could this possibly mean - especially to those of you who have already enrolled in or taken any of my Meta yoU School of Mastery courses through Sacred Spaces?

What is a Heartstorm?  Listen HERE to a short audio explanation.

Let's talk about it before you make the decision to dive in and really unveil the limitlessness of your potential:

A storm is a disturbance within the normal atmosphere or environment and your heart is the strongest electromagnetic organ in your body also acting as the voice of your soul. A heartstorm is a disturbance within the norm of your life excited by the most transformative organ in your body relaying new or unknown message from your soul.

Most people like to walk on the safe side of life. Perhaps you do, as well. Yet deep within you is the yearning, sometimes the demand, to walk on the wild side or to take yourself to an edge that is unfamiliar enough that you shy away from it. After all, the reptilian brain is programmed to either flee or fight dependent upon whether it believes that which is in front of it should eat it or be eaten by it. Know that you are normal if you are afraid of the unfamiliar.

Of course, that brings up the question: Do you want to appear normal? One of the sheeple? One of the herd? Or do you want to give into that yearning that cries to be heard and answered even though the thought of it leaves you in grave doubt about your capacities?

Along with the ancient reptilian portion of the brain, there is another aspect to being human and that is the never-ending sense of adventure that sidles up within your mind urging you to wander into the voids, chasms, hills and mountains that you have not yet set foot upon due to fear. These promptings are the same as coloring outside the lines when you were a child. Did you dare? Or were you constrained by that thick black line informing you to stop there and go no further?

If you already know how to paint and color past the defined lines, then you will jump head first into these courses. If you have not yet allowed yourself to take such a courageous stance, now is the time. You will absolutely love every minute in which you observe yourself peeling back the layers to your personal potential as the source in form. This is what you have been waiting for a long time.

You are God. You are the source of all that is in a physical body. There is no thing that can stop you and there is no thing that can harm you as you unveil yourSelf to yourself through the voice of your soul.

These Meta yoU School of Mastery courses are designed to take you into the depth of your potential. This website will host all self-directed course material. If you want to take advantage of other Meta yoU School of Mastery courses, see the Sacred Spaces website.

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